"Protoys supplies great value showbags jammed full of tasty lollies, novelty toys and gifts. Choose from our assortment of pre-selected bags or let us customise a unique showbag exactly to your requirements."

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Exciting Lollies & Snacks

Our confectionary showbags contain yummy, mouth-watering, branded lollies and snacks, guaranteed to excite all children. In addition, juice poppers and popcorn are included in several of our bags.

Novelty Toys & Gifts

Select from our range of exciting novelty toy showbags. We have 9 showbags on offer with themes including Ninja, Magic, Trains, Ponys, Cars and more. Each showbag contains fantastic toys and gifts ready to delight and dazzle the children!

Exclusive Discounted Pricing

You will be amazed at the prices that we offer. Due to the bulk nature of your purchase we heavily discount our showbags!

Premium Customer Care

We are dedicated to ensuring personalised, flexible, genuine service and customer care. You will only deal with one account manager from start to finish and will benefit from the wealth of advice and experience our account managers have to offer.

Showroom & Online Catalogue

Select showbags in our exciting, interactive showroom, using our convenient online catalogue, or let us prepare a proposal on your behalf. The online catalogue allows you to search by age, gender, category and price, whilst enjoying clear, large photos and descriptive details for each showbag and its ingredients. You will be surprised at how easy it is.

Pre-Packed & Ready To Go

At no extra charge, all ingredients are conveniently pre-packed in fun, plastic, themed bags, ready to be handed out.

User-Friendly Carton Packaging & Labelling

All showbags are packed into cartons with the intention of ensuring your bags arrive in pristine condition. All showbags arrive neatly folded over and tightly packed, removing the possibility of ingredients falling out during handling and freight. Each carton is labelled with a detailed description of its contents making distribution of the showbags at your event simple, efficient and convenient.

Accurate Reliable Service

Using our 6-Point Checking Matrix and process driven philosophy, we ensure 100% accuracy on delivering the correct products at the correct time for the correct purpose. We understand that pin-point accuracy and perfection are critical to the success of your event.

National Weekday & Weekend Delivery

To help you with storage or logistics limitations, we deliver wherever and whenever you require. We will ensure your products arrive safely and in a timely fashion for your kids Christmas party or event.

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Protoys supplies toys, gifts, showbags, toy raffles & promo items to social clubs, companies, charities and organisations for children’s events and Christmas parties.